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What is a Tech Recruiter and how to become a successful one?

Highly-paid, in great demand, and with excellent prospects, the role of Technical Recruiter (or else, Tech Recruiter & IT Recruiter) is considered one of the most fast-growing careers in the field of Human Resources.

Unlocking the wealth of talent is a bet all companies, regardless of their size and industry within they operate, are called upon to win. Skillful professionals committed to serving a company's mission and boosting its bottom line do make the difference. It is no exaggeration to say that talent sourcing is often what distinguishes the leaders from the companies failling by the wayside.

Therefore, the ever-increasing investment in Human Resources, in the last years, does not come by surprise. It may happen either internally, with the biggest companies expanding their HR departments, or in cooperation with Recruitment Agencies undertaking to spot the talents.

Digital acceleration, fuelled by the pandemic, scaled up the already sought-after positions in the IT and Tech field, and especially a particular profile within the HR industry: that of the Technical Recruiter.

What is a Tech Recruiter and what are the main responsibilities?

A Technical Recruiter specializes in talent sourcing in the field of Technology and IT, e.g. Data Scientists, Engineers και Software Testers. This means that apart from the skills needed to become an HR Specialist, a Tech Recruiter is required to have a deeper knowledge of the IT industry.

Although their exact responsibilities depend on the employer, Tech Recruiters most often have the following tasks: designing candidates sourcing strategies according to market trends, detecting and deploying the right talent sourcing channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook), preparing accurate job descriptions, making interviews and candidate evaluations, as well as representing their company in conferences and career days.

Is experience in the IT field a prerequisite?

Prior experience in HR and IT is not required, as long as the Tech Recruiter has the necessary skills. However, studies and/or a diploma in these fields (Human Resources & IT) are definitely considered an asset.

What skills are needed to become a Tech Recruiter?
  • Deep knowledge of the IT industry and constant update for the new trends and digital tools

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Knowledge of ATS tools (Applicant Tracking Software)

Skillscouts Tech Recruitment School

In recent years, talent recruitment in the tech market is booming, and a particularly high demand in IT professionals is seen. However, there is a big gap in training with regard to recruitment techniques, which often means that recruitment specialists face difficulties when it comes to understanding the concepts, the tech stacks, andtheir use in the IT field. This results in their having problems with determining staffing needs and standards.

Skillscouts is a unique specialized training program, which educates HR and IT professionals in Tech Recruiting, according to the latest trends in the global market.


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